Launched in September 2015, the Mad Dog Academy at Melksham Oak Community School was our first integrated programme. With a focus on giving students a positive physical outlet with high standards and values, whilst encouraging their academic studies, the programme has had great results.

“James would admit to being rather disorganised and this contributed to rather poor academic performance in his Year 12 Biology. Unfortunately for James I was one of his teachers! James was fully engaged with his Mad Dog Rugby lessons, his Leadership skills developed and he started to see the benefits of the hard work he was putting in. James gained in confidence and as a teacher I was able to support and challenge the student to deliver a similar work ethic in his academic lessons. As a result James has exceeded his predicted grade and found something different within him. I am now able to discuss with James replicating the intensity needed in training to his Biology work”
Stephen Clark, Head Teacher at Melksham Oak School

“Zac joined us from another school, without perhaps having achieved the grades that he’d have liked. Our approach, as a school and as a rugby academy, to be as inclusive as possible has meant that not only has Zac been able to further his studies, he has absolutely flourished as a player and a leader. In the classroom, he has shown a real commitment to his education, and his teachers are extremely proud of the efforts that he has shown to be as successful as possible come the end of Year 13. There is no doubt whatsoever that the opportunity to join the Mad Dog Academy at Melksham Oak has enabled Zac to flourish in ways that would not otherwise have been possible”
Owen Vince, Deputy Head at Melksham Oak School

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Results – Season 2016/17

– Clarendon Won
– Filton Lost
– St Laurence Won
– Dauntseys Won
– Weston Won
– Beechencliff Won
– Millfield Won
– Trowbridge Baa Baas Won
– Chippenham Colts Won
– Filton Won

Johnny King

Johnny King

After suffering an injury during school rugby in New Zealand, Johnny came back to playing the game when he moved to the UK in 2013. Within two years he had gained his Level 2 coaching qualification and had represented Dorset & Wiltshire Senior rugby in the County Championship. Having coached rugby at another School for the previous two years, in 2016 he began an Assistant Coach role at Melksham Oak’s Mad Dog Academy. Johnny’s engagement, progression and confidence in this role, along with his exceptional pastoral care was rewarded with a promotion within Mad Dog Sport.

Johnny is enjoying his new challenge, having been promoted to Head of Rugby at Melksham Oak, as well as gaining a coaching role within the DPP at Bristol Rugby. He is currently studying for his Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification and heads up the Wellbeing programme for the company. Following an ankle injury last season, he is also hoping to get back fit and playing the game he loves for as long as possible..

Tom Bowen-Hall

Tom Bowen-Hall

Tom Bowen-Hall joined Mad Dog Sport in August 2017 as the new Assistant Coach at The Melksham Oak Academy.

Tom began coaching rugby whilst studying for a Business and Management degree at Aberystwyth University. His passion for coaching and desire to improve led him to a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching attained from the University of Gloucestershire. During this time Tom completed his RFU Level 2 coaching qualification and took up the Head Coach role for Frampton Cotterell Colts. Alongside this role, he also coaches the U15’s DPP squad at Bristol Rugby.

Tom has future aspirations to achieve his Level 3 coaching qualification. He is enjoying his Assistant coach role at the Mad Dog Academy and continuing to develop as a coach.