Gemma Rowland

Gemma Rowland joined Mad Dog Sport in August 2021 as the Assistant Coach at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy. Gemma first started playing rugby whilst attending Colston’s School, after persuading the school to allow girls to play rugby as an extra curricular activity – her school team went on to win the Rosslyn Park National School 7s; twice. With a new found passion for rugby, Gemma continued playing whilst attending Exeter University, where she studied Sport and Exercise Science, and upon graduating, joined the British Army as a Commissioned Officer.

High motivation and ambitious in nature, Gemma has successfully balanced her military career with her devotion to rugby throughout her career; representing both the British Army and UK Armed Forces on the field. In 2015, she was awarded her first International cap for Wales, in the 6 Nations opening game against England. Since then, Gemma has earned 19 International 15s caps, 10 International 7s caps and played in the World Cup 2017 and Commonwealth Games 2018. After completing her RFU Level 2, and delivering coaching to a variety of teams within the Army, Gemma realised she had a passion for coaching, as an avenue to pass on the knowledge and playing experience she has gained. Gemma is excited for the opportunity to further develop her coaching ability as part of the Mad Dog team.

Off of the field, Gemma has recently completed a Masters in Strength & Conditioning at Cardiff Metropolitan University, with a focus on Long Term Athletic Development in youth athletes; knowledge which she hopes to build on under the Mad Dog Athletic development programme.

Gemma is also an ambassador for the Mental Health charity ‘Brave Mind’; she believes that mental and physical wellness programmes are essential for young people to better understand how to cope with the pressures and stressors of daily life; something which we place great emphasis on in the Mad Dog Programme.